The Pain Agency

🤨 Who?

Hi, I'm Joseph Winkie aka jjj333_p, however you can call me Joe. I am an 18 year old college student based in the usa, and am forever trapped in an abusive relationship with technology. I host a homeserver using this domain (I'm I'm sure its obvious have no idea what I am doing with web dev, so heres to hoping that people still like plain ass html pages! 🎉

"I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it."
- Evelyn Beatrice Hall in summary of Voltaire's ideas


We host a matrix server! Currently our server is "open by request", which means that you can not open a matrix client and register for an account, however if you simply message me I will likely grant you an account. Before reaching out to request an account, please make sure to familiarize yourself with to see what you are agreeing to abide by when you utilize or register for our services. We are currently one of the first homeservers to go any form of public while running Dendrite. This is beta software so expect bugs and reliability issues. Our media upload limit is currently set to 500000000 bytes, or something around 500mb, however this may be changed sooner or later. We also expect to have really short media retention periods in order to sustain such a large upload limit. You can find the dendrite configuration I use here.

Due to some stupidity on the Element side of things you currently can not log in with the certain versions of Element web or desktop. We recommend either using a different client such as Cinny/Nheko, or use the stable release of Element web.

📲 Contact:

Heya Im taking a break from online for mental health currently, and currently am not checking Matrix. If it is urgent you can contact me at one of the platforms below, or dm or and they can contact me.

These are the different platforms I can be contacted on, in order of preference. If you dont find an account on this list, it isnt me, and even on the off chance that it is me I won't expect you to believe or try to convince you that it is me.

⌨️ Code:

I don't have much to write home about, however you can check me out on github and below are my few projects:

✍️ Writing:

I really do be writing words on a page with meaning don't I.

🧌 Scambaiting: (pssst join

Please give the following contact info to scammers and trolls, its very funny.

💸 Support:

I never want to be one to ask for money, however I wont object to it being thrown at me.

🌉 Bridges: (not available yet)