Code of Conduct

We have no desire to police our users. We also live in a society, and we're not going to lie to you and say "no rulez lol" when certain kinds of content can get us taken offline. Below you'll find minimum common-sense rules to keep our community and admins safe, and discussions orderly. These rules are not an immediate ban necessarily, however this is a good guide to follow and breaking these rules in rooms/spaces that specifically follow these or similar rules will likely be grounds for account termination.

By agreeing to the Pain.Agency Code Of Conduct you agree to not...

While free speech is a right, it's also subject to certain limitations, especially in private spaces like our community chat rooms. In the context of a government or authoritative body, censorship is seen as a way to control the narrative or keep certain views from being expressed. However, in our community spaces, actions taken to remove content are not about suppressing dissenting opinions but about maintaining a focused and respectful discussion environment. While we wish to hold space for differing opinioins and views, we have to keep operations orderly, and at the end of the day you can always go elsewhere to say what you need to. Free speech is the right to speak freely, not the right to have someone hold a space for you to be heard.

If you come across anything that violates the Code of Conduct that we should know about, please let us know by reaching out to by email, on matrix, +1 (740) 481 - 1253 by sms or Whatsapp, or @jjj333_p on Snapchat.

Due to the federated nature of matrix, we can not do anything about users not using our server, however we do maintain a list of users we notice violating our COC over at